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What’s the Snap

It’s the SNAP sensation – your first bite into a Caspers Famous Hot Dog and WHAM, an explosion of mouthwatering flavor tantalizes the taste buds!

This unique taste and eating experience starts with our commitment to the Old World tradition of all-natural casings. In our pursuit of quality, we shop the world for the finest, “A” grade natural casings available, which hold in all of our signature flavor until…you take your first bite, then SNAP, it’s pure satisfaction down to the last, delicious morsel.

Based on a secret family recipe, Caspers Famous Hot Dogs are manufactured by SPAR Sausage Company in its USDA-approved plant to guarantee that every hot dog we serve is made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients. SPAR Sausage Company was founded in 1989 by the owners of Caspers Famous Hot Dogs to fulfill their dream of manufacturing their own frankfurters.